2/12/16 Newsletter

PARENT / TEACHER CONFERENCES: There will be no school on Wednesday, February 24th, 2016, at Eisenhower Elementary. Parent / Teacher conferences will be held this day for students in grades EC-6.  Please be sure to make child care arrangements this day. ALL parents are invited to visit with the classroom teacher but CONFERENCES WITH ALL PARENTS WILL NOT BE SCHEDULED. If the teacher wishes a conference, he/she will be contacting you. This contact may be by phone or letter. A time which is compatible with your schedule and which will allow more time for visitation will be arranged. If you wish a conference with the teacher, please do not hesitate to contact the teacher for an appointment.
Third Grade Math April 18-22
Reading April 11-15
Writing March 3-4
Fourth Grade Math April 18-21
Reading April 12-14
Fifth/Sixth Grade Math April 11-14
Reading April 4-7
It is important for parents to send their child to school during this time to take the tests. Encourage your child to take the test serious, and do the best they can. This is an important part of the school year and we want the students to feel refreshed, relaxed, and confident of their ability to be successful on these very important State assessments. Thank you for your support.
BOXTOPS: BOXTOPS FOR EDUCATION is a great way to earn extra cash for our school.    If you have been saving your boxtops, please send them to the library soon, so we can count them in this submission.  Thank you to everyone who collects the box tops, we appreciate  your effort!
CAMPBELL SOUP LABELS: This will be the last year Eisenhower Elementary will be conducting Campbell Soup Labels. At the end of the year, we will be collecting all of the labels to send off for products. If you have been collecting them for EES, please get them to the school before the end of the year so we can use them one last time.
DROP OFF: A reminder for parents/ guardians dropping off their child(ren) in the morning to NOT use the Eisenhower Drive. This is for buses and staff only. The same procedure goes for picking up students in the afternoon. Please use extreme caution around the school. Thank you for your understanding in this situation.
NORTON COUNTY SPELLING BEE: Congratulations to Lauryn Schumaker who finished fourth at the Norton County Spelling Bee held on Wednesday, February 10th, 2016. Nathan Branek, a seventh grader at Norton Junior High, was the County Champion.
WALKING TO AND FROM SCHOOL: We are asking parents to remind their child(ren) the importance of safety when walking to and from school. Please talk to your child(ren) about not talking to strangers in cars and never to approach a vehicle for any reason. We cover this subject some in school, but for the safety of the students, we need to have parents reinforce this with their own children. Thank you very much for this and if you have any questions, please contact the office.