1-29-16 Newsletter

FROM THE PRINCIPAL’S DESK SCHOOL ABSENCES: Thank you to all the parents who call the school office when your child is ill or going to be out of town. This phone call allows the secretary more time to deal with other school procedures. You may be calling for one or two children, but the secretary may have to contact as many as 20 or 25 homes to determine where the child(ren) are that have not been called in by a parent. We thank you Read more

Kindness Award winners at EES for January 8-22 K-Serenity Urban, Carter Bailey and Destiney Adams 1-Alexis David 2-Jack Carter, Evan Wooley and Cadence Greeson 3-Trey Wilcox, Emily Brown and Eli Jones 4-Dylan Jones 5-Jonny Nielsen, Cara Cox and Ellie Kats 6- Lilly Beikman Congratulations!

1-22-16 Newsletter

FROM THE PRINCIPAL’S DESK KANSAS’ BIRTHDAY: Kansas Day is Friday, January 29, 2016. Kansas will be 155 years old. Have your child/children tell you what they have learned about the State. SCHOOL LOCKDOWN; In the next couple of weeks, Eisenhower Elementary will conduct a lock down procedure with the students and staff. The school practices fire drills monthly and tornado drills four times a year to help ensure that our students know what to do in emergency situations during the school year. If Read more

1-15-16 Newsletter

FROM THE PRINCIPAL’S DESK JANUARY INSERVICE: On Monday, January 18th, 2016, the district will have in-service for all staff members. There will be NO SCHOOLfor students on this day. This is an early reminder so childcare arrangements can be made. School will resume on Tuesday, January 19th, at the regular time. AVERAGE DAILY ATTENDANCE (ADA): School attendance is a very important part of the student’s school record. There is a high correlation between attendance and personal reliability. Regular and punctual attendance by all students is necessary for the Read more

Thank You! A big Thank You! To our Board of Education  for their service to our students and staff!