1-29-16 Newsletter

SCHOOL ABSENCES: Thank you to all the parents who call the school office when your child is ill or going to be out of town. This phone call allows the secretary more time to deal with other school procedures. You may be calling for one or two children, but the secretary may have to contact as many as 20 or 25 homes to determine where the child(ren) are that have not been called in by a parent. We thank you for helping us. It doesn’t seem like a problem until there are more than 20 absences. Your calls are so appreciated and we want to take this time and space to tell you so.
TEXT MESSAGES: USD 211 offers a program that parents, students, or anyone else in the community can receive, and it is made possible by the generosity of the Stockton National Bank of Norton. This service makes it possible for you to receive school alerts and emergency information as text messages on your cell phone or as e-mails on your PC. USD 211 uses this service, (in addition to area television and radio stations) to announce late starts and closings. In order to receive these text messages, it is necessary that you sign up to receive them.
To sign up for this service is fast and easy, but does require the use of a computer with Internet access. Go to the USD 211 homepage at www.usd211.org, click on BLUEJAY ALERTS and then follow the onscreen instructions. There is NO CHARGE for signing up for the service; however, you should check your cell phone plan, as there may be a charge to you for receiving a text message.
This is a spam-free application and your name and personal information are protected and will remain private.
STATE ASSESSMENTS: We will begin our State Assessments the first of March and they will end in late April.
NORTON COUNTY SPELLING BEE: The Norton County Spelling Bee is scheduled for Wednesday, February 3rdat 4:00 PM. The contest will be held in Long Island.
KANSAS DAY: On Friday, January 29th, individual classrooms celebrated Kansas Day in their rooms. The State of Kansas is 155 years old this year. Please take time to visit with your child about what they did on this fun and entertaining day.
1STAND 2ND GRADE VOCAL CONCERT: Just a reminder that the 1st and 2nd grade vocal concert is scheduled for Monday, February 1st, 2016 at 7:00 PM. in the East Campus Auditorium. They will practice at East Campus on Friday, January 29th and Monday, February 1st at noon.
LOCKDOWN: The school will have a lockdown drill in the next week. If you have questions, you can contact the office about this procedure. Please understand these activities will generate conversation among the students. We will do our best to answer their questions the best we can. Our goal in all of this is to help keep our students as safe as possible in all given situations at school.