Kindness Award Winners! Kindness Award winners at EES for November 30–December 18 K-Caroline Fahrenburch, Halle Pfannenstiel, Kylee Ledbetter, Hadyn Rice, Alex Eveleigh and Kaison Miller 1-Morgan Peterson, Karmyn Rutherford, Dali Braun, Jace Bailey  and Trinity Graham 2-Lincoln Sander, Ethan Nairn, Taylor Schlegel and Landen Ediger3-Corwyn Cox, Rhiannon Romey, Ellie Miller, Hallie Brooks, Nicholas Karnes, Brynna Brown and Corbin Puga 4-Caine Nickelson, Cooper Frack, Dawson Smith 5-Shailyn Baker, Taylor Mapes, Gentry Sproul, Phoenix Henry, Kelly Donahey, Morgan Goss and Acacia Mandl 6-Makala Read more

12-18-15 Newsletter

FROM THE PRINCIPAL’S DESK EISENHOWER CONNECTION: The next newsletter will be January 8, 2016. REPORT CARDS: Report cards will go out on Wednesday, January 6th, 2016. CHANGE OF ADDRESS/PHONE NUMBER: During the school year, it is possible that some families may change home address or phone numbers. When this happens it is important to update the school office with these changes. There have been some occasions in the past when we have tried to contact parents and we did not have current phone Read more

First Graders Constructing  Gingerbread Houses! The First grade classes built Gingerbread Houses today. They did this as they learned about construction and what type of construction makes the best gingerbread house. They first started with experiments done in the classroom. Then the students drew plans for their own gingerbread houses. Today they got the opportunity to build their houses with their parents and or their grandparents!  They had a great time and learned a lot about construction. 

12-11-15 Newsletter

FROM THE PRINCIPAL’S DESK WINTER CONCERT: Band students and vocal students in grades one through six will begin to practice for the Winter Program to be held on Monday, December 21st, 2015. Band students will begin performing at approximately 6:30 P.M., followed by the vocal performance. Rehearsals will be Thursday, Friday, and Monday, (December 17, 18, 21). Students will be bussed to the East Campus for the rehearsals. Please be sure to mark Monday, December 21st, 2015 on your calendar! WEATHER: We are in Read more

All State Football  3A Wichita Eagle Jacob Green All-State Class 3A 1st Team OL, HM DL Jace Ruder All-State Class 3A HM QB Jordan Dole All-State Class 3A HM RB/DL Gavin Lively All-State Class 3A HM RB/LB Tevin Brown All-State Class 3A HM DB Tevin Petrie All-State Class 3A HM DB Topeka Capital Journal Jacob Green All-State Class 3A 1st Team DL Jace Ruder All-State Class 3A HM QB Jordan Dole All-State Class 3A HM DE Gavin Lively All-State Class Read more