12-18-15 Newsletter

EISENHOWER CONNECTION: The next newsletter will be January 8, 2016.
REPORT CARDS: Report cards will go out on Wednesday, January 6th, 2016.
CHANGE OF ADDRESS/PHONE NUMBER: During the school year, it is possible that some families may change home address or phone numbers. When this happens it is important to update the school office with these changes. There have been some occasions in the past when we have tried to contact parents and we did not have current phone numbers or current living addresses. It helps us to contact parents when we are updated with these changes. Thank You!
GEOGRAPHY BEE: Eisenhower Geography Bee will be held on Friday, January 8th, 2016, at 2:00 PM. in the band room.
MEDICATION: If your child takes medication, or if there is a change in medication for your child, please let the school nurse know the change. All medications need to have the doctor’s orders on the bottle. Thank You!
KANSAS DAY: On January 29th, 2016, The State of Kansas will be celebrating 154 years as a State. On that day, Eisenhower Elementary will be participating in a number of activities to honor this accomplishment.
BLACK SOLE SHOES: In the past month, there has been an increase of black marks on the floors of the school. These marks are becoming very hard to remove. If we see a student making these marks on purpose in the hallways or in the classroom, a phone call will be made to the parents. We realize sometimes the students make marks accidentally as they are going from class to class, but with the amount of marks on the floor, some of them are more deliberate, causing the custodians and teachers to spend time cleaning them up.
DONTATIONS: Thanks to all of the wonderful people who have donated clothes, hats, gloves for the students at EES. The students who benefit from these gifts greatly appreciate them. There are many great people in Norton who help other people during the holiday season and the school appreciates everyone who helps.
PARENTS/GUARDIANS: We would like to thank the parents/guardians of the students at EES for sharing your child with us at school. Working together between families and staff helps students be successful at school and at home. While we may not always agree on certain things, we can all agree we want what is best for each and every child. The first semester of school is now over and we begin the planning and preparation of the second semester and all the activities that occur at this time.
We want to continue to stress the importance of school attendance. Nothing can replace the time a teacher and student interact in the classroom for learning efficiency. This is becoming more and more critical with the increase of awareness on State Assessments. Eisenhower Elementary has done very well in the past on assessments and we want to continue with progress in this area. As the second semester continues, you will be receiving information on State Assessments. Please consider them to be important with your child as we emphasize the importance at school.

Have a safe and joyous Holiday Season and we look forward to seeing your child(ren) in 2016.