EES Newsletter


KANSAS’ BIRTHDAY:  Kansas Day is Monday, January 29, 2018.  Kansas will be 157 years old. Have your child/children tell you what they have learned about the State.

SCHOOL LOCKDOWN:  In the next couple of weeks, Eisenhower Elementary will conduct a lockdown procedure with the students and staff. The school practices fire drills monthly and tornado drills four times a year to help ensure that our students know what to do in emergency situations during the school year.  If a parent has questions on the procedure, please contact the office.

NORTON COUNTY SPELLING BEE:  Norton County  Spelling Bee will be held on February 7th, 2018 at 3:45 P.M. at the school in Long Island.

DROP OFFS:  Just a friendly reminder that in the mornings, there is a lot of congestion at the north end of the school in the normal drop off zone.  This is a drop off zone and not a parking area.  Please keep a look out for other vehicles and students when going through this zone.  We ask that you drop off students on the sidewalks on Eisenhower Street.
When picking up students after school, please find a place to park and then pick up students.  We are having some cars stopping in the middle of the street and having students walk out to the street and getting in.  This is not only dangerous, but it is holding up traffic.  Thank You!

SNOW AND PLAYGROUND CHANGE:  In an effort to help keep our school clean, when there is snow on the ground, kids will be limited to playing on the cement area only.  This will help eliminate the amount of dirt, snow, ice and mud coming into the building.

COLD WEATHER/RECESS:   Just a reminder that even in cold weather, students and staff will try and go outside for recess if only for a few minutes to give the students a chance to run around and get some fresh air.  Students need to wear gloves, a heavy coat and a hat.  If they are short of something, usually the office has extras to help the students.  The staff at Eisenhower is very knowledgeable about when it is appropriate and safe to go out for recess, or when it is best to stay in, and uses this best judgment in the best interest of the students.  The maintenance crew does an excellent job clearing snow off the cement playground and sidewalks, so kids have an area free of snow to play on while outside.  There seems to be some misunderstanding about kids playing in the snow while out at recess.

HATS AND MITTENS: We encourage children in cold weather to wear mittens and hats, and we offer them to the students when going out to recess.

CHANGE OF ADDRESS:  If for some reason there has been a change of address or phone number for a family that attends EES, please contact the office with the change.  In the past couple of weeks, the office has tried to contact some parents and were not able to connect with them because phone numbers were changed over the holiday break.  It is important that we are able to contact parents in emergency situations involving their child.

ATTENDANCE:  There seems to be some discussion from parents who have received a letter from the office on their child missing more than five days of school.  In the USD 211 District Policy Handbook, under attendance B 402 it explains our policy and procedure of student attendance.  B 402.2 regards specifically the procedure of how to notify parents of the student absences.
After a child is absent five days in a semester for any reason (excused or unexcused) the parents will be notified with a letter.
We apologize if there has been confusion of the process, but do not hesitate to call the office if there are any other questions in respect to district procedure.

SPELLING BEE:  Following are the results of the Spelling Bee held on Wednesday January 17th, 2018   at Eisenhower Elementary.  In fourth place and who will be the alternate for the County Spelling Bee is sixth grader Mackenzie Clydesdale.  Representing Eisenhower will be fifth grader Brody Mullins in third place, sixth grader Wade David in second place and winning the Eisenhower Spelling Bee is sixth grader Ryann Manning.   Congratulations to all the participants and we wish the finalists the best of luck in the County Wide Spelling Bee.