Parent Teacher Conference


As all of you are aware, Parent/Teachers Conferences are scheduled for Monday, October 26t h , 2020. In the past we have encouraged face to face meetings for all our parents during the Fall conferences.
Even though I feel the face to face meeting is the best conference at this time of year, I feel it is in our best interest of our students, and our staff, to change the format at this time.

I am asking the teachers to contact parents in their home rooms, and set up either a zoom meeting, a phone call or exchange of e-mails to facilitate this first meeting. It can be done on the already scheduled time on Monday, or it can be arranged for an alternative time and date. I want to apologize for any inconvenience this might cause for our teachers and for parents. Parents can contact me directly by phone or an e-mail if they have specific concerns or comments about this change.

My main concern is to do whatever we can to keep our school open during these very trying times in our community.
I look back on the first nine weeks, and am extremely proud of our students. They have went above and beyond in our expectations, and I want to continue to have them in our building, working with our teachers and staff. I want to thank the parents who are supportive of the school and have their children ready and eager for school.

Corey Roy
Eisenhower Elementary Principal