11-9-18 Newsletter-English


BACKPACK PROGRAM:  A reminder we have a program to help families out on weekends with food.  If a parent would like more information, they can contact the school and talk to Mr. Roy.

THANKSGIVING DINNER:  Just a friendly reminder that on Thursday, November 15th is the Eisenhower Thanksgiving Dinner for the students.  Because of the time and expense of this lunch we are asking parents not to call in and eat with their child that day.  Thank you for your understanding in this matter.

GLASSES:  If your child(ren) wears glasses, please help them remember to wear them to school.  If your child is in need of glasses, but for some reason does not have them, please contact me and I can see if I can help with getting glasses for your child.  It makes the process of learning that much better for the child.

ADDRESS CHANGE / PHONE NUMBERS:  Lately we have had to try and contact parents, but were unable to because phone numbers have been changed and we were not notified.  If you have moved to a new address, or have changed phone numbers, please get that updated information to the school. It is important that we have a number to contact, in case of an emergency.

SCHOOL LUNCH PROGRAM:  We have received word from the KSDE (Kansas State Department of Education) consultant concerning the purchasing of milk at lunch time.   If a student brings a sack lunch, but wants a school milk, they need to pay for the milk even if they are on the free and reduced program.

WINTER WEATHER:  Even though it is the beginning of Fall weather, we want to remind parents that when the temperatures drop, please send your child to school with coats, gloves and hats.  When there is snow on the ground, it would be nice to have boots for the students so they can go outside and play during recess.  Again, we ask that you encourage your child to get plenty of rest and drink plenty of fluids during this season.  It is important to keep kids in school as much as possible.

CHRISTMAS PROGRAM:  The annual EES Christmas Program for students in grades 1 through 6, will be held on Monday, December 10th, 2018 at the East Campus.  The band will begin playing at 6:30 PM and the Choir will begin at 7:00 PM.  Students will practice at East Campus on Thursday, Friday and Monday at East Campus in preparation of the event.

FAMILIES:  We are doing something a little different at EES this year.  At the beginning of the year, all students at school were divided into smaller groups and given a staff member as a leader.  Each group has a student in each grade, and then assigned a staff member to form an EES FAMILY.  Each group is made up of 8-9 students.  Once a month each FAMILY will meet for 30 minutes to go over a topic of discussion.  This past week, each FAMILY discussed manners around the dinner table.  The cooks at EES provided a cookie for all the staff and students to have during this session.  It is a way that younger students can meet older students in school in a safe and educational environment.  So far the reaction from the students has been very positive.  When you have time ask your child about their EES FAMILY.

VETERANS DAY:  Just a reminder there is an early dismissal at 1:00 pm on November 12th for Veterans Day.

EARLY DISMISSAL:  On November 14th, there is an MTSS early dismissal at 1:00 pm.