2-3-17 Newsletter


VALENTINE PARTIES:   The students will have their Valentine parties on Tuesday, February 14th, at 2:30 PM.  This is one of the biggest and most anticipated activities at the elementary level.  Please remember that students are not to receive flowers or gifts at school on this day.

PARENT / TEACHER CONFERENCES:  There will be no school on Wednesday, February 22nd, at Eisenhower Elementary.  Parent / Teacher Conferences will be held this day for students in grades EC-6. Please be sure to make child care arrangements this day. ALL parents are invited to visit with the classroom teacher. CONFERENCES WITH ALL PARENTS WILL NOT BE SCHEDULED.  If the teacher wishes a conference, he/she will be contacting you.  This contact may be by phone or letter.  A time which is compatible with your schedule and which will allow more time for visitation will be arranged.  If you wish a conference with the teacher, please do not hesitate to contact the teacher for an appointment.

EARLY CHILDHOOD SCREEN:  Eisenhower Elementary will be conducting a free Early Childhood screen on Friday, March 24th.  For more information, please contact Joan Hale at 877-5113.

KINDERGARTEN ROUNDUP:  Eisenhower Elementary will be holding their annual Kindergarten Roundup on Monday, March 6th.  This gives us an early idea on what our kindergarten count will be for the following school year.   We will begin at 5:00 in the cafeteria.  This meeting is for parents only, as we want to share important information with the parents concerning paperwork and important school dates for the 2017/2018 school year. 

STATE ASSESSMENTS: This is a reminder that we will be starting State Assessments in the next couple of weeks. If you have any questions, please contact the office.

CHANGE OF ADDRESS OR PHONE NUMBERS:  In the past couple of weeks, the office has tried to contact some parents, but have been unable to make contact with them as phone numbers have changed, and we were not notified of the changes.  If you have a different phone number or address than at the beginning of the school year, please contact the office with the changes.  Thank you for your time and help in this matter.

HEALTH:  We have had a higher than usual number of students coming down with flu and cold symptoms this week.  Please remind your child(ren) to get proper rest, drink plenty of water, wash hands or sanitize frequently, and cover all coughs.  Hopefully all of this will help keep students in school.  If there are questions concerning health issues, please contact Nurse Joan at the school.

BOX TOPS:  A reminder we are going to send our box tops at the end of February to be cashed in.   Our hope is to cash them in and hopefully look at purchasing a new water fountain that is specifically for water bottles.  Students are using water bottles throughout the day and this fountain is designed specifically for that reason.  The Junior High and Senior High Schools have these fountains and like them very much.  We have one of these fountains in the new bathrooms by the new gym, and feel one more by the West bathrooms would be very handy for all the students.

MTSS:  Eisenhower Elementary has been involved actively with the MTSS process for the past four years.  The first year was spent working on developing our plan on how to implement MTSS in the school day.  Three years ago was the first year of implementation of MTSS.  There have been some questions on what MTSS is and how it affects our students.   In future newsletters, the office will send out some information on what MTSS is and how it is affecting the students in school.