10-14-16 Newsletter

HALLOWEEN:  Just a friendly reminder that for Halloween only Kindergarten students dress in costumes.
NO SCHOOL:  On Friday, October 21st, and Monday, October 24th, there will be no school for the students.
Friday will be the end of the first nine weeks of school.  Teachers will use this time to prepare their grades and also to get ready for Parent/Teacher conferences scheduled for Monday, October 24th, 2016.
END OF FIRST QUARTER:  The first quarter (40 days) will end on Thursday, October 20th, 2016.  Report cards will be given to parents at the Parent/Teacher Conferences scheduled for Monday, October 24th,  2016, for Early Childhood through sixth grade.
EMERGENCY SCHOOL CLOSING:  In the event there is a need to start school late or  close schools due to inclement weather or other emergencies, the announcements will be made on the radio and television stations listed below.  KQNK Radio of Norton (1530 AM or 106.7 FM ) is the primary broadcast outlet for the Norton schools.  If inclement weather develops during the school day, parents should attempt to listen to one of the designated radio or television stations below.  In the event there is an early dismissal, students will be allowed to call their parents if instructions are needed.  If school is not called off, but parents believe the weather to be too hazardous to send their child to school they are to follow the normal procedure for reporting absences. 
KQNK                          1530 AM                      106.7 FM                     Norton 
KRVN              880 AM                                                            Lexington, NE  
KKAN                          1490 AM                                                          Phillipsburg 
KQMA                                                  92.5 FM                       Phillipsburg   
KSNK              NBC                 Channel 2 and 8 
KBSH              CBS                  Channel 7
KAKE              CBS                  Channel 11
NTV                 ABC                 Channel  10 and 13  
TITLE READING/MATH:  Math—Help your child find some appropriate number and problem solving games to play online, or play card or board games that involve counting or patterns.  Reading—Set aside a time and place for reading, like a comfy chair with a reading light for bedtime stories, or visit your public library regularly, find and read together the books that were your favorite when you were a kid.
JACKETS/COATS:  There are a large number of coats, and or jackets that have been left at school.  Right now they are on the railing going up the ramp by the cafeteria.  We have encouraged students to look and see if any of these jackets belong to them.