Thank You!

We want to thank all of the community members who helped in putting together the new playground equipment at Eisenhower Elementary this past weekend. A special thanks to the Norton Lions Club. We also want to thank Mr. Roy for organizing the build and for cooking hamburgers and hotdogs for the workers. Another special thanks goes to Hutton Construction for helping dig the holes for setting up the playground platforms and pouring the cement for these holes.
The students are really enjoying the new playground equipment. The current sets that are in place include the preschool unit and the K-4 unit. Each unit has a plastic border around it and has rubber mulch to maintain safety for all of our students that use this equipment. There are also several individual pieces that are set up around the area, as new swing sets! Benches are in place under the trees on the west side of the playground for students or teachers.

On October 8, we are hoping to put up the 5-6 grade unit on the north side of the playground area. We will be looking for volunteers once again to help us finish this project. The work of community members has allowed us to save several thousand dollars in labor. This savings can was put toward more playground equipment.