2-26-16 Newsletter

FROM THE PRINCIPAL’S OFFICE EES KINDERGARTEN ROUNDUP: Kindergarten Roundup is scheduled for Monday, March 7th , 2016. This meeting is for parents only. At 5:00 PM. there will be a meeting in the cafeteria with Mr. Roy, the school nurse, and kindergarten teachers going over what the expectations will be for the 2016/2017 school year. There will be time to sign up for the kindergarten screen scheduled for April 22nd, 2016 If you know of a family that might have Read more

Kindness Award winners at EES  for the weeks of Feb. 15-Feb. 26 K-Aubrey DuBois and Jayden Keith 1-Nicole Hernandez, Miles Hale and Jarrett Pfannenstiel 2-Dominic Vahling, Gabe Burrow and Raylinn Ellis 3-Natalie Simmons 4-LeAnne Beikman 5-Sierra Dial, Gwenyth Quintana and Dylan Hawks 6-Lauren Perez, Abigail Davis, Tracen Frye and Darius Shields

Kindness Award Winners at EES  for the weeks of January 25-Feb.12 K-Braylyn Brooks, Jayci Johnson, Marley Ritch, Jazlynn Henry, Scarlett Wessel and  Brook Abel 1-Caden Enfield, Aubrey Arehart, Parker Stark and Joseph Rojas 2-Natalie Eveleigh, Thalia Ruiz, Layla Puga and Peyton Lawson 3-Tyler Stewart, Mareesa Hempler, Tesah Stagemeyer, Collin Simmons and Logan Willour 4-AInsley Collins and Kierra Tallent 5-Tate Schulze and Hailey Majors 6-Lauren Karabin