NCHS Students of the Month

Student of the Month
Norton Community High School
For the Month of November 2015
“Demonstrate an Attitude of Gratitude!”
Student : Casey Ambrosier
Parents : Wade and Diana Ambrosier
Grade: Senior
Nominating Staff Members: Mr. Chance McKinney, Mr. Lucas Melvin, & Mrs. Lindsey Bailey
Comments from nominating Staff Members:
“Casey always has a great attitude about her and is very willing to do her part and more.  I don’t have her class, but with SADD/SAFE, if there is anything that I may need I know that I can ask her and it will be done correctly and to perfection.” Mr. Chance McKinney
“She is a tremendous student, who works hard and is always kind and considerate.” Mr. Lucas Melvin
“ She is a very hardworking student who is a great leader by example.”  Mrs. Lindsey Bailey

Factoids about Casey

Favorite Class : Art
Favorite Drink : Dr. Pepper
Favorite Color : Purple
Favorite Food : Pasta
Favorite Movie: The Best of Me
Favorite Saying : Be positive, patient, and persistent
Favorite Song : Love Yourself – Justin Bieber
Favorite Hangout: With my family and friends
Personal Hero : Lolo Jones
Future Plans: Attend Kansas State University to study interior design.

Student:  Dustin Harting
Parents:  Tyler and Shana Harting
Grade: Sophomore
Nominating Staff Member:  Mrs. Staci Montgomery
Comment from nominating Staff Member:
“Dustin does very well academically in my class, and is always prepared.  He is a quiet leader and takes the time to help students who may not understand the material.  He challenges others to do their best by not only studying with them, but also by modeling a great work ethic.   I appreciate his positive attitude.”  Mrs. Staci Montgomery

Factoids about Dustin
Favorite Class :  Woods and Ag
Favorite Drink : Dr. Pepper
Favorite Color :  Blue
Favorite Food : Steak      
Favorite Movie :  Grown Ups
Favorite Saying : “Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference.”
Favorite Song : Better in Boots  by Tyler Farr
Favorite Hang out : My House
Personal Hero : My dad
Future Plans : Go to college and then come back to farm.